Pre Packed Maternity Hospital Bag


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The contents of the hospital bag have been carefully selected to cater to your needs. Baby’s skin is delicate and requires a gentle cream such as Epimax to cleanse baby and also be used to moisturise baby’s skin. Disposable linen savers offer the convenience of changing baby on the go. The bag is packed with other mummy essentials mentioned in the list above.

What’s in the box
1 x Stylish, durable quality mummy bag
1 x Receiving blanket (Variable unisex colour)
1 x Huggies diaper for newborns (24 diapers in the pack)
1 x Surgical spirit (100ml)
1 x Hand sanitiser (100ml)
1 x Face towel (Variable colours)
1 x pack of maternity pads (12 pads in the pack)
1 x Cotton balls pack
1 x Epimax cream
1 x Nappy Disposable sacks (150 bags inbox)
1 x Baby Oil (200ml)
1 x Baby Jelly (100g)
1 x Disposable linen saver pack (5 linen savers in the pack)
1 x Baby bum creme
1 x Baby grooming set (6 pack grooming set)
1 x Surprise gift for Mum

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